www.Doubleyourline.com – How To Apply/Activate Your Merrick Bank’s Double Your Line Visa Credit Card

If you own a credit card, then you understand the price you pay for having a bad credit or a low credit score. Good news is that you can repair or rebuild your credit score by taking full advantage of “Double Your Line” Visa credit card from Merrick Bank.

(DYL) visa credit card is an awesome credit card which is basically designed to help people who have a bad credit. You have to receive an offer letter from Merrick bank for you to apply your “double your line” visa credit card online.

This credit card comes with one major hookup to help you improve your credit. For your credit limit to get automatically doubled, you will need to make your minimum payment on time during the initial seven months of the card.

The one major drawback is that, Merrick bank is not really transparent concerning the annual percentage rate associated with this bank. Presumptively, your information might be shared during the card activation process.

But it’s not all bad news; the upside is that if you happen to find your annual percentage rate satisfactory, then Merrick bank should increase your credit limit. You should note that it’s very rare for Merrick bank to automatically double your credit limit. That’s why in most cases card issuers will only increase your limit by request.

By doubling your credit limit, Merrick bank gives you the opportunity to maintain an impressive credit utilization ratio. Credit utilization ratio is very crucial as it’s used in calculating your credit score, which is why most experts, will recommend you keep that ratio below 30% or exactly at 10% if you can. In simpler words, doubling your credit limit won’t help your credit score if you double your balance carefully.

You should also know that Merrick bank will never impose a penalty rate on your card in case you make a late payment.

Moreover, applying for a DYL visa credit card will enable you to improve your line gradually as long as you make your payments at the right time. In this short post, we’re going to guide you through DYL’s application process.

Let’s first get started with “Double Your Line Visa Card Acceptance Process”:

Once you receive a credit card offer from Merrick bank via mail, then it’s time for you to complete an easy and quick visa application process over the internet at www.doubleyourline.com. All you will need for this application is the valid 12 digit acceptance certificate number found on your acceptance form and your last name as it’s displayed on your offer letter. You will also be needed to provide some personal information in the process.

So in summary;

  • Once you receive the offer letter, Open your web browser and visit the link we have just stated above.
  • Input your 12 digits long acceptance certificate number into its appropriate field.
  • Also fill in your last name as it’s displayed on your offer letter and then click on the blue link labeled “Next”.


  • Now follow the links and instructions displayed to complete the process.

Now let’s discuss on “How to create your DYL visa credit card account.”

After you receive your Merrick bank DYL visa credit card, you can create an online account where you will manage your card. All you need to create this account is your personal information. i.e. Cell phone number, your email, SSN etc.

Once you have all the information with you, visit the registration page and input all the details in their relevant fields.

If you happen to need help or have any question concerning your DYL visa credit card, you can contact Merrick Bank Customer Care at 1-800-253-2322.

Benefits of Merrick Bank’s DYL visa credit card

  • You can make purchases at any store online or offline where visa cards are accepted.
  • You can access your online account for free to help you tack each of your payments.
  • Its $o fraud liability
  • Double your credit line by simply making your monthly payments before the deadline during the first 7 months after your account is opened.